Internet streaming: what it is and how it works

Watch movies and TV or listen to music with fast access to Internet content without using the download process. What to know Streaming is a way to see or hear content without having to download it. Streaming requirements vary based on media type. Charging issues can cause problems for all types of streams. What is streaming? Streaming is a technology... Details

How to use Sling TV DVR

Yes, you can record on Sling TV. What to know Select a play and select Record. Choose to record all episodes, new episodes, or a single episode. Click Cancel if you've changed your mind. A recording section will appear in your account with everything you've recorded. To use it, you need a blue line subscription with... Details

How to use your library in Spotify

From the music you've been rocking to the playlists you've created, the library feature makes your favorite content just a click away. What to know Your library is located in the sidebar in the desktop app and website, and can be resized by clicking and dragging. In the mobile app, tap the Your Library icon to access it. Your library... Details

How to make a playlist on Spotify

Take your listening experience to new levels. Whether you're a free or premium Spotify user, you can take advantage of Spotify's vast library of songs and powerful desktop and mobile apps to create the best playlists for any occasion. How to Create a Playlist on the Spotify Desktop App Follow these steps to create a new playlist for… Details

How to log out of Netflix on TV

Logging in on a smart TV takes a few steps. What to know Open the Netflix TV app remotely using your TV and select Get help > Sign out > Yes to sign out. You can switch Netflix accounts on your TV by signing in and then signing in with another user. This guide explains how to find the unsubscribe option in the Netflix app... Details

How to fix YouTube not working on Roku

Troubleshoot problems with moves between YouTube and Roku. When YouTube is not working on Roku, it can appear in several ways. The YouTube app on Roku won't launch at all. You can't sign in to your YouTube account. You cannot play any YouTube videos. These issues can happen out of the blue, even if the app was previously working... Details

How to delete 'Continue Watching' on Netflix

Remove indicates that you are no longer watching from "Continue watching". What to know Android application: from Home, scroll Continue watching. Tap the three-to-tog button > Remove from row > OK. iOS app: Profile > More > Account > Viewing Activity. Next to the title, tap the circle with a line through it. Web browser: Profile > Account > Activity... Details

How to fix Disney Plus not working on Roku

If the reboot doesn't work and your internet connection is working properly, Disney Plus might be having problems. This article explains several different ways to fix Disney plus not working on Roku. Reasons for Disney Plus Not Working Once you add any channel to your Roku, it should continue to work properly without your intervention. If not, ... Details

How to Stream Amazon Prime on Discord

It's all about getting the dissonance of treating Prime Video like a game. What to Know Add Prime Video to Discord: Gear Icon > Registered Games > Add > Prime Video, then click Add Game. Stream Prime Video: Monitor icon With prime video, select voice channel, resolution, + frame rate > Go Live. You can also stream from the main… Details

How to fix audio delays

Fix fire engine sound out of sync issue. This guide will walk you through all the proven solutions to fix Amazon Fire TV Stick Audio Sync and Sound Delay Problems. These fixes can correct audio lag issues experienced when viewing media files, using certain apps, and watching movies or shows in multiple apps. … Details